Do we still cover our statues during Lent?

Q: As a kid I remember covering statues during the entire Lent season. As a teenager, we only covered them during Holy Week. Now, many people do not cover them. What is proper procedure.

A: I would love to answer this question with official church teaching, but unfortunately I cannot. There is no official church teaching or protocol on covering statues during Lent. Instead, I will let you know what I will be doing with my statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of the Son of God.

She will remain uncovered until 3pm on Good Friday, the hour of the death of her son. I usually have her illuminated, but all Lent, I have turned the lights off. The lights will be turned on on Good Friday. In the night on Saturday night/Sunday morning, her covering will be taken off.

I hope this helps.

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Jake Roberts

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